WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE. I AM TRENT CONSALVO!!! this is where i post my comic, JF*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!! jf*ck is a comic about people from new jersey, and it’s called that because it’s fun to say bad words. i also make other comics like KIKUMISTY and DOGTOWN and draw pictures.

i post pages whenever i want. its anarchy. sometimes they’ll be comics. sometimes they’ll be flash games. who knows i may throw in an interpretive dance or two. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WITH JF*CK YOU NO WHAT I AM SAYIN!!!!!!

if you want to be notified whenever i post a page, you can follow me on twitter, or you can sit in one of the trees outside my apartment and watch through the window.

btw this comic has curse words, violence, a lil blood, and spiders and btw if you come to a page with a black background and pink text, it’s a flash game!!! click the pink text!!!

anyways have fun on my WEBSITE!!!